Celesta is a notable actress, an amazing songwriter, and a charming performer. She has captured our sights, our ears, and our hearts with every performance that she does for her audience. Be it in front of thousands of people during an Amsterdam City pass, of an intimate session with just a few of her beloved supporters, she always gives the best with every word and melody that she sings.

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We are able to build a website that is supposed to represent the stardom that Celesta has achieved in her young career. From her humble beginnings as a child actress, she has become a talented singer who has sold millions of copies not just in the Netherlands but in the entire world. She does not only have a good voice but a very lovely personality. Her bubbliness and quirky look make her one of the most likable artists in this era.

If you want to get the latest news and updates about Celesta, you can find them all here. Website visitors can visit this site every day and find fresh content about her. From the latest song that she released, the Amsterdam city trip that she has taken, to concert schedules and guest appearances, all of them can be found here on this website.


Celesta loves to create travel blogs, tech blogs, and even documentary blogs about herself. Click on the videos menu and see a number of videos that she makes about the everyday life of Celesta. You can also see some behind-the-scene footages of her as she is backstage or in the studio while making a new song. Be mesmerized by her beauty and her overall talent during the outtakes of the videos and her songs.

Know more about the person behind the stardom that you are used to seeing when you look at Celesta.